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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Transgender Studies Quartery -- Duke University

Transgender Studies Quartery -- Description


Over the past two decades, transgender studies has become fertile ground for new approaches to cultural analysis. TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly offers a high-profile venue for innovative research and scholarship that contest the objectification, pathologization, and exoticization of transgender lives. It will publish interdisciplinary work that explores the diversity of gender, sex, sexuality, embodiment, and identity in ways that have not been adequately addressed by feminist and queer scholarship. Its mission is to foster a vigorous conversation among scholars, artists, activists, and others that examines how “transgender” comes into play as a category, a process, a social assemblage, an increasingly intelligible gender identity, an identifiable threat to gender normativity, and a rubric for understanding the variability and contingency of gender across time, space, and cultures. Major topics addressed in the first few issues will include the cultural production of trans communities, critical analysis of transgender population studies, transgender biopolitics, radical critiques of political economy, and problems of translating gender concepts and practices across linguistic communities.

Gender Studies as a scholarly field is coalescing around Phenomenology, Post-Structuralism, Literary-Critical Theory (metaphysics), and Semiotics.  Most of this work is derived from radical feminist theory -- which ironically rejects the very patriarchal, gender stereotypical presentation of the hetero-normative dyad that many trans M to F aspire to.

I aspire to subverting the stereotypes -- Neither end of the dyad works for me, For now, and it's fluid, presentation for me is about "un-gendering" and liberating myself from the patriarchal oppression reflected in the two poles of the dyad. Curiously, I'm feeling more and more aligned with the radical feminist camp. Ironically, I've appropriated the presentation of a radical feminist (political as well as sartorial) . . . Ironically, this has me dressing like a radical feminist, gender ambiguous, man with long hair, ear-rings, and a political agenda.

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