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Friday, January 29, 2016

BIBLIOGRAPHY -- Links, URL's, Resources, Peer Reviewed


Let's use this particular page as a catch-all for links. Since we can cut/paste, we can edit and arrange, revise, etc. We'll try to keep it glossed . . . 

Columbia University Press LGBTQ Peer Review Journals
links to a selective list of peer-review specialized journals which focus entirely on empirical/archival LGBTQ research.


This linked page (supra) provides the following biblio/links --
There seems to be a gold-mine of resources here. Like a buffet, it's difficult choosing what to put on the plate first!

LGBTQ Peer Review Journals
Below are links to a selective list of peer-review specialized journals which focus entirely on empirical/archival LGBTQ research.
[Note: this is a reference service only.]
Canadian Online Journal of Queer Studies in Education

Columbia Journal of Gender & Law
Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy

Duke Journal here is where I found --

Duke Law Monograph -- "Perceiving Orientation: Defining Sexuality After Obergefell

The Dukeminier Awards
Best Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law Review Articles of [Year]

A unique and creative OA digital reprint journal sponsored by The Williams Institute. The journal selects/reprints the best law review articles published in the previous year on sexual orientation and gender identity issues. It is accessible on an open access (free) basis.
Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review
Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide
GLQ: A Journal of Gay & Lesbian Studies

IAMURE International Journal of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies
(caution: this journal does not appear to have its own Editor, nor a clear subscription vs. OA model. Listed for reference only.)
InterAlia: a journal of queer studies (English/Polish Language)
International Journal of Sexuality and Gender Studies
International Journal of Transgenderism

Jahrbuch für die Geschichte der Homosexualitäten (Yearbook for the History of Homosexuality – annual thematic journal)
Journal of Bisexuality
Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health

Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services

Journal of GLBT Family Studies

Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling

Journal of LGBT Youth

Journal of Homosexuality

Journal of the History of Sexuality
Journal of Lesbian Studies

Lambda Nordica
LBGT Health
LBGTQ Policy Journal [Harvard University]
Les Online: Digital Journal on Lesbian Issues
Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity

QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking
Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture

SGP: Sexuality, Gender, and Policy Journal (Policy Studies Organization)
SQS: Journal of Queer Studies in Finland

Tulane Journal of Law & Sexuality:  A Review of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Law [title varies]
Transgender Health [Open Access]
Transgender Studies Quarterly

 Duke University, Transgender Studies Quarterly
http://tsq.dukejournals.org/content/1/1-2/1.full -- Editorial purpose, scope, history 


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