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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sans Sexual, Sans Gender --

 Cross Dreamer post --
I get lost in this down the rabbit hole gender world  . . .

Is Kate Bornstein, a natal born cis-M MTF writing "Gender Outlaw" . . . is this a radical feminist view? Is Jack Halberstam, formerly Judith and writing about "Female Masculinity" and butch lesbian sexual endeavors  . . .  is this a radical feminist view?

I claim to be a radical feminist, trans whatever, "queer" borne (sic) with a dick.

I remember a cartoon in Playboy magazine, the archetypal New York cocktail party and a Caucasian guy is asking an Afro, black, negro, 'colored person' . . .  whatever, "Just exactly what is it you're calling yourselves these days?"

I have a link on the blog about "Identity Politics" -- The Stanford Plato Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

I read Jack (Judith) Halberstam Female Masculinity and realize that Jack is talking about me, a "radical butch lesbian."

Sex is a linguistics function in my world -- communication about how and with whom we do sexual engagement. Linguistics is semiotic. The Semiotics that we use to convey sexual status is all about gender. Judith Butler (Gender Theory, UC Berkeley) asserts that the idea of gender is a semiotic paradigm, culturally determined, part of the discursive processes of the interpretive community.

The sexual discourse I engage is pretty much that "I'm not a player. I'm an observant bystander. We like it that way." We're critical -- politically and theoretically -- of the "hetero-normative dyad. We have been know to view it as "the masculinist, hetero-fascist dyad." We don't buy into the binary dyad paradigm. "If not A then B." If not male then female. We were once updating personal settings on FaceBook and came to "sex -- male / female." I was stuck with the reaction: "Jeez! That's not much of a choice!"

We feel the same about restrooms. Gratefully lots of businesses are realizing that "single serve" rest-rooms don't need to specify a gender. FaceBook is opting for more diverse gender specification, even allowing creative, original input from users.

Sandy Stone has a curriculum set out from the U of Texas, "Borders: Dangerous Violations" -- and it's linked from my blog. (Of course it's linked! LMAO)

Of late I'm intrigued with the idea of "queering the boundaries" . . . no hormones, no surgery, we don't worry about "passing" and sometimes present as "gender unintelligible." Some days more unintelligible than others. People who appreciate gender boundaries and gender ID ask me "What are you calling yourself these days? How do you wish to be addressed?" -- This came up for me recently in the VA Medical Center (hospital) where VA assigned me to a 4 bed ward for men. They wanted to check me for bedsores, 12 point lead EKG . . .  and staff begins to appreciate that I am "gender atypical." They find me a private room, private bath so I don't need to share with cis-M. It's a privacy consideration for the cis-M on the ward as much as it is for me. "Is there a particular way you prefer to be addressed?"

"First name. Please don't call me 'sir' or 'Mr.' I answer to 'professor' a lot."

My blog lays it out -- The blog banner sums it up:

☆☆☆ "Appropriate & subvert the patriarchal semiotic hegemony of the hetero-normative dyad!" ☆☆☆

Read the blog! --

There's an image there, on the blog. Two overlapping bell curves.


We're a smidge to the left of the intersecting deviations, but only ontologically and chromosomally. We're not happy where we sit, but then we're not happy about pushing seven decades and having grey hair. What's a girl gonna do?

Post-Structuralist Jacques Derrida asserts: "All readings are mis-readings." And so I assert that the gender reading I get tagged with is a mis-reading, and that I am pushing assiduously to "Appropriate & subvert the patriarchal semiotic hegemony of the hetero-normative dyad!" I appropriate and subvert incessantly, some days more than others.

And so, I'm not much concerned with how I feel when out "femme" -- I'm curious about how I'm read when doing the "stone butch Harley biker" presentation, but I concede that it's "street theatre" and a bit of an ontological "masque."

We "queer the binary" -- "sans gender" a stone butch Harley biker some days, with a dick. Radical feminist gender theorist.

Can we discuss gender theory, rather than "What shoes go with my new wig?"


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