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Sunday, June 4, 2017

"Can we not just be normal people doing normal jobs . . . without all this academic philosophical garbage?"

 My reply to Xora on CrossDreamers


I've been thinking of late about "sans sexual" and "sans gender" -- that sexuality seems ineluctable, and ineluctably problematic. Sex shares the linguistic issues of communication, although on a more "touchy/feely" plane LMAO.

Gender is semiotic, part of the communications paradigm for sex, the touchy/feely stuff.

Derrida reminds us: "All readings are mis-readings." And so I hope to engender "mis-readings" about gender inference. Problematize the hetero-normative dyad, queer the binaries . . .

"Can we not just be normal people doing normal jobs that just want do what works to feel a bit more comfortable in ourselves, without all this academic philosophical garbage?" -- Xora

Engineers think with a different sort of metaphysical perspective. As regards "academic/philosophical," it's my field, a retired academic still teaching and publishing.

Others assign gender to me. That's the way gender works. Currently, since I buy into "gender fluid," I'm looking at Judith Butler, Semiotics, Performative Speech Act Theoryl (J.L. Austin) and Gender Presentation, "Recasting the referent as the signified" and making the signified "intelligible." Current reads are Jack Halberstam Female Masculinity, Susan Stryker / Stephen Whittle Transgender Studies Reader (2 volumes), trans-radical feminists generally, Judith Butler et al.

Post-modern, post-structurals discourse is my theoretical field. These days we're an LLC in discourse, retired academic. We teach gender theory in an Encore seminar (retired academics). We need electrical engineers, You need academics and philosophers, more than you appreciate. Sandy Stone has a syllabus for this seminar, it's posted in my blog and linked below. "TRANS: Dangerous Border Violations"

At pushing seven decades, I'm "sans sexual" and "sans gendered" -- stone butch, gender queer, gender outlaw, post-structuralist radical trans-feminist. This is my identity, and being "queer" "non-binary," "fluid," and a litany of other referents and putative pathologies  . . . I'm simply not comfortable trying to "pass" as cis-gendered and "an invisible gender anomoly." per Jamison Green . . .

The masculinist, hetero-fascist medical hegemony has me on a dumpster fire load of meds -- in and out of the ER, in-patient hospitalization for a variety of issues related to being an old fart with cardio arrythmia, PTSD, and gender dysphoria. I tried Finasteride and it caused cardio issues (linked in this forum).

I shouldn't need to submit to invasive medical protocols when I'm not pathological and don't need to be "fixed,"

The blog goes on, and on, and on . . .

Let me see if I can post an image?


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