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Friday, May 12, 2017

"Of Catamites & Kings" -- Dr. Gayle S. Rubin, Ph.D. 1992


 "Of Catamites & Kings" -- Dr. Gayle S. Rubin, Ph.D. 1992

Fan mail. I suppose if you read the monograph, and my blog here, 
this email makes it more or less come together. LMAO 
From: allison.wunderland.llc@fast-mail.org
To: grubin@umich.edu
Subject: FAN MAIL ! ! ! -- Of Catamites & Kings 
Date: Fri, 12 May 2017 16:51:28 -0700

Allison Wunderland, LLC -- allisontranscend.blogspot.com 

Prof. Rubin, 

We just finished "Of Catamites & Kings" in Stryker / Whittle,
Transgender Studies Reader. 

We've been deconstructing the gender codes from a linguistic POV, (J.
Butler) -- my chromosomes denote XY but my head says "none of the above"
. . .  Quote du jour, to Jenny a nurse I first took as male, "I'm a
different kind of butch too!" This also to a butch at the Harley Shop.

Reading "Of Catamites & Kings" struck me with the epiphany that we are
both "recasting the referent" -- What is this ontological understanding
of identity that we express socio-culturally? I think that when we
recast the referent we are in essence forming a new interpretive
community with its own dialect.  The meta-objective in this community
might be to discourse and mediate just exactly the parameters of this
dialect. Rather than calling it names, we should perhaps "recast the
referent as the signified." 

I'm a different kind of butch too . . .  a gender ontology unto myself,
but hoping to discourse amongst the interpretive community we share with
all of us. 

Semper Pax, 

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