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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Email to Dr. Vitale, "The Gendered Self"

Email to Dr. Vitale -- I've added and revised this copy expanding in some areas. This blog interface is new to me. I need to work on the learning curve of mechanics, format, editing. 

My hope is to provide links, citations to references in discussion. You know . . . "scholarly rigor."

Dr. Vitale, 

Thank you for your scholarly rigor, abstract for each chapter, numbered so we can track/sort/organize in our florid pdf files. LMAO 

The Gendered Self -- 

We're cis M, do not agree w Blanchard on all sorts of gender theoretical grounds -- mostly that gender is not a discrete categorical entity. Gender is socially constructed, and dimensional: We are all dimensionally performing gender presentation (consciously or otherwise) on some point on an infinite line between cis M and cis F, with infinite presentation options in between. 

Rhetorical irony in my "presentation" is that I present clearly as "M" -- in a ambiuously marginal sort of way. All my attire is labeled "W" but styled "uni-sex." Long hair, ear-rings (6), F sorts of necklines, "beach casual" . . .

At 67, just recently "out"  more or less  in July, I have minimal need/drive to present "en femme" -- just not a "femme" person. Neither are my cis F colleagues particularly "femme." 

And so my argument is that surgery/HRT, are fine if that works for you. Endocrine systems are fragile balanced, I'm 67, not willing to move my metab. from tonic androgen production to cyclic gynegen (?) regulation. 

But then my orientation is tied up in having been sexually abused as a child, male on male, chronic, long-term, sibling . . . Males seem sexually threatening. I don't like being the threat. Not sexually active with others, and so the physical aspect of intercourse is moot. That said, we inquire currently into monographs addressing sibling sexual abuse and its effect upon sexual orientation, also by same author, the issue of "fluidity" in orientation in persons transitioning.

Mostly I've become resolved with living in between. Let us concede to just recently considering that post transitional, post HRT, post surgical might expect to seamlessly integrate into the social fabric, no longer a "non-hetero normative." Personally, I'm comfortable now (recently) presenting as "non-binary" and altogether satisfied in this position rather than "passing" in a more normative gender presentation.

As part of that resolution, I no longer sort my clothing according to designated gender labels. Clothes work for me or they don't. Those who get confused by my presentation, need to imagine how I've felt for six decades. 


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